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BAR Bookings 

Bar Bookings are for the cocktail stations.    Members can bring up to 2 people with them for Single Session bookings and up to 6 people or Double Booked session.

Mondays – Wednesdays

AM Session, 8am-12pm (2 sessions available)

PM Session, 1pm – 5pm (2 sessions available)


AM Session only, 8am-12pm (2 sessions available)


AM Session only, 8am-12pm (2 sessions available)

All bookings are Single Sessions.  If members want privacy or want to have more than 2 people with them, we recommend booking both Bar sessions during that time slot to prevent another booking.  This will guarantee privacy and access to the entire bar, not just a single cocktail station as well as the AV equipment.

AV equipment only available for a double-booked session.

When to book a “Bar Booking” Session

  • Drink Development

  • Drink Presentation (to client, team, etc.)

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GENERAL Bookings 

This grants access to the space, but not the bar / cocktail station.  You will have access to space in the rooms.

When to use the “General Booking”

  • Palate Tasting (See Palate Program under Events & Programs)

  • Open Meeting Space (semi-private; rooms do not have doors)

  • Private Tastings

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