Making Cocktails


We are excited for you to become a member of our little community of people that are passionate about cocktails, spirits and beyond.  Whether you are a seasoned mixologist, brand ambassador, home-bartender or enthusiast, all are welcome.  

We are also committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive space.  Check out our Safe Space which also includes our Code of Conduct.



Standard memberships are only available to FOH workers (i.e. Bartenders, Barbacks, Servers, etc.), Bar Managers, Beverage Directors and Enthusiasts.  They have access to all educational content (some are free and some may have a nominal fee depending on content.), our newsletter, networking events, resources, access to bookings, etc.  See Membership Benefits below.   

Cost: $25 / year * (This is our inaugural Membership Rate.)

Booking Rate: $40 / hour (4-hour sessions; AM / PM Sessions).   Click here for Booking info.

Bartender Pouring Cocktail


Business memberships are intended for: Brand Ambassadors, Sales Reps, Liquor Company employees, Beverage company employees, Distributors, or anyone wanting to utilize the booking access feature on a frequent basis.

Business Memberships are divided into House, Premium, Top Shelf and Partner levels.  These level memberships come with a variety of privileges and access. 


House: $1500 / year

Premium: $5,000 / year

Top Shelf: 10,000 / year

Partner: $25,000 / year

Booking Rate: $75 / hour (in 4-hour AM or PM Sessions) 

Send us an inquiry for more information.


Membership Benefits

Membership Benefit Chart.jpg

Benefit Descriptions

Access to Educational Content

Ability to RSVP to all educational events, networking opportunities, tastings, etc.  Event spots are available on a first come basis by RSVP only.  Some events will be on-site, others will be virtual.  This also includes the “From the ground up” Programming.

Access to Business Members' Products

Members will have access to utilize Business Members' Products, as appropriate.

Access to Printer

Access to color printer.  Max of 50 pages per session.

Product Management

Management of Business Members' product to ensure stock for members.

 Category Exclusive Product

For non-alc product only.  Only applicable to Partner level Memberships.  Does not exclude members from bringing in their own competitive products.

Listed on Website

Business Members' logo listed on website with links.

Listed on online calendar of events

Brand Members' product (or logo) listed on specific calendar events, as appropriate.


Each booking can include no more than 2 additional people per session.

Single Bar Booking: Access to (1) Cocktail Station

Double Bar Booking: Access to (2) cocktails stations and the entire bar.

General Booking: Access to space / rooms (not cocktail station)

Private Event Booking

Exclusive use of the space to be used for an Educational seminar, tasting, demo, etc.  If appropriate, includes email & social media blasts to members.  We also manage RSVP lists.

AV Equipment

Available to use for Double Bookings and Private Events. (Includes mic, roll down screen at the bar, bluetooth & internet accessible)

Access to Office Amenities

Printer, Internet.  Free to use as temp office space at any time.  (No booking  required)

Temporary Holding Space

The LAB can receive and hold any items, product, POS, as needed.

Newsletter Content

Business Members' will be included in Newsletter content, as appropriate.

Social Media Content

Business Members' will be included in various social media posts, as appropriate.

Industry Discount

Discount on all menu items from Garden Bar PHX during their operating hours.  (With advance notice, some food items may be available during the LAB hours.)  10% Industry Discount for all Members.  20% Industry Discount for Partner level Memberships.