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Check back to this page frequently for upcoming events, pop-ups and special tastings.  We will be incorporating an online calendar in the near future.

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The Science behind Taste & Flavor

Ever wonder why some people LOVE a flavor like Cilantro or Brussel Sprouts while others despise it?  We all experience taste and flavor in very different ways.  Some of it can be explained physiologically or psychologically.  Come and be part of an interactive seminar where you can see and experience how your own biological make-up and built-in prejudices can alter the way you experience taste and flavor.

Presentation will feature some interactive experiments and go over some great exercises in building your palate.  (Also good for those that have a diminished or lost sense of smell.)

Seminar is 1 hour.  Stick around for another half hour of cocktails and drinks geared towards what kind of a taster you are!

We will be hosting this event twice in the same week - Monday, Jan 31st and Saturday, Feb. 5th (both are from 1-2p + Half Hour drinks).  Tickets are $25.  (Complimentary for Cocktail Collaborative members -  Send us an email to get the promo code.)

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