Who can join?

Any enthusiast, bartender or beverage professional can become a member.

How do I become a member?

Simply click on the "Membership" button and sign up.  It's as easy as that.  

How much does membership cost?

Currently, membership is only $25.  (We expect this to increase as more events are planned and more revenue is needed to plan these events and opportunities.)

What do you get with the membership?

Ability to book and attend educational seminars, presentations and events.  (Many of them will be free for members.  Some may come with a nominal cost.)  Access to book LAB sessions.

What is the difference between the Cocktail Collaborative and the USBG?

The main difference is that the Cocktail Collaborative is tied to a brick & mortar space and offers LAB sessions (structured play space for bartenders.)  We will work in synergy with the USBG and highly recommend joining the USBG if you are a Bartender.

What is the USBG?

United States Bartenders Guild

If I am a member, can I book a LAB session for my birthday party?

Unfortunately not.  However, if you wanted to book a LAB session for an educational tasting with some friends that was moderated, we could assist in coordinating something like that.  


What exactly is a LAB Session? 

Defined as a 4-hour block of time a member can come in and use the bar space with up to six people.  The timeframe must allow for prep, production, and cleanup. 

What can I do in a LAB session?

It's entirely up to you ... you can use it for drink development, a presentation space for your staff / clients, competition practice, you can request a vertical blind tasting flight, etc.  

What can I not do in a LAB session?

You can't use the space as your own personal bar or for exclusively social purposes.

I'm a Brand Ambassador and would like to plan an event at the LAB. Can I just book a LAB Session?

That would be considered a LAB event.  Please inquire within and we can work with you in planning an event and putting it on our Event page.

What kinds of things will be taught in the educational classes?

The educational classes will range from fun cocktail classes to more professional-grade classes for Bartenders and beverage professionals. There will be something for everyone, whether you are a cocktail lover, whiskey aficionado or bartender.