Below is a list of equipment & smallwares we currently house at the LAB.  This list will continue to grow as the club grows and establishes more partnerships.

Vitamix Bar Boss

Vitamix Prep Blender

Omega Juice Extractor


Spindle Mixer

Polyscience Smoking Gun

Smoking Box


Sansaire Sous Vide

Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

Food Dehydrator


Perlini Carbonation System

ISI Soda Siphon

ISI Cream cannister


Slow Drip Infuser

Chemex Coffee Set-Up

Bottle Capper


Cotton Candy Maker

Burr Grinder

Gas Stove & Oven


Nugget Ice Machine

Coming Soon!

Cubed Ice Maker

Coming Soon!

Floor Freezer

For Artisanal Ice



We have a wide collection of bar tools and smallwares. Below is just a sampling of what we have in inventory.

Bar Tools

Small & Large Shaking Tins
Mixing Glasses
Bar Spoons
Julep Strainers
Hawthorne Strainers
Conical Strainer
Vegetable Peelers
Jiggers (varied)
Pour Spouts (varied)

Kitchen Smallwares

Cambros (various sizes)
China Cap
Knives (varied)
Cutting Boards
Bar Towels
Spice Grater
Squeeze Bottles
Glass Bottles (varied)
Bowls (varied in size)


We have hundreds of samples of glassware, ranging from Irish Coffee glasses to coupe glasses to antique punch bowls and shakers.  We try and keep a large inventory for various styles of cocktails and for photography purposes.


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